Chandler garage floor paint – Explore Your Options

A messy looking garage floor is the disdain of many a homeowner. While everything else in and around the house is neatly painted and looks great, the Chandler garage floor paint is usually a greasy, spotted and disgusting mess. Many people try to solve this problem by cleaning the floor, which becomes a nonstop chore. Others will clean the floor and try painting it with a coat of oil-based paint, which looks great until the paint begins to peel off. This inevitably happens due to hot car tires and/or moisture vapor from the ground passing through the concrete. The result is a garage surface that looks no better than it did before it was painted. However, there are ways that you can make your floor look great and stay that way.

First, if you are considering covering your floor with some sort of garage floor paint, it is important to understand why many garage surface coatings fail. Garage floors are usually not clean enough to receive a coat of paint, so it is imperative that the floor is cleaned with proper solvents to remove the grease and grime, and possibly use a power washer. As mentioned before, moisture vapor from the ground passes through the concrete floor and lifts the paint off when/if you use any type of oil based paint. So avoid these at all cost. Even the best cement floor coatings will fail if you have a concrete floor that sees heavy water leakage, is badly cracked, or if it is dam and slimy all summer.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to use a garage floor paint to improve the look of your garage, you might consider using an epoxy coating. This will keep your floor more weather-resistant and unharmed by water. Epoxy coatings come in two parts that, when mixed, change from a liquid into a solid making it much more difficult for it to re-dissolve back into a liquid state like paint can. Water and most solvents have no effect on a good, sealed epoxy surface, and they are easy to clean. Epoxy floor paints have become the most popular form of garage floor covering in areas of the country with tough weather.

Regardless of what you do to cover your garage surface, remember that the coating is only as good as its preparation. The surface of the floor has to be extremely clean and dry before you apply any type of coating. There are many great kinds of concrete floor paint available today from manufacturers such as Behr, Quikrete, and others. Look for user reviews with the best feedback regarding positive experiences with particular brands. It is possible to make your cement floor look great for a long time, but it takes some preparation and research to find the best garage floor paint that would suit your floor.